New Office365 Look and Feel changes #ProjectOnline #O365

Microsoft has rolled out the new look and feel to their Office365 UI. Various changes in UI/UX has been improved for current UI.

  • Top Bar changes. Neat grayish color at tool bar

  • Notification: This is very neat and gives an visual appealing notification for various o365 notification. When an email is received, it gives an clean view to have an glance. It also has a nice shaded design for the side menu pull out menu.


Notification settings link at the bottom can customize your options for notification like new mail alert, sounds, or reminders.

  • Settings menu changes
    • Show Ribbon/Hide Ribbon – Can turn on/off the ribbon when few pages doesn’t show by default.
    • Rest all the link are available the same with some font size changes.
    • Themes can be easily changed by selecting it.
    • Notification can be turned off/on.

  • New Office 365 icons for each of the service