Microsoft RoadMaps #ProjectOnline #AzureBoards #1

A new feature RoadMaps has arrived in Microsoft Office365 for Project Online and Azure Boards.

Complete rollout happened in Jan’19 mid weeks and is available in your tenants. If you’re unable to view the new update. Suggest you to open the ticket with Microsoft

A complete step by step instructions to active the this feature and configure in your organization.

RoadMaps can be activate but also can be deactivated

#RoadMaps used for?

  • Create a view of your organization’s projects and drive them together to achieve your business goals.
  • Connect directly to projects from multiple systems in your organization, allowing each team to use the tools that fit their work style.
  • Choose the most relevant items from each project to focus on key investments and deliverable.
  • Change project order to highlight the work that is most important to you.
  • Monitor progress toward mutual goals by adding top-level key dates that span across projects.
  • Quickly track status of all phases and milestones to spot problem areas early.
  • Collaborate with others by sharing with an existing Office 365 group, or creating a new set of stakeholders.

Showing the progress needs presentation  Instead of using the older fashion of creating an presentation to show the RoadMaps for a portfolio or Project. This also requires manually updation to data and needs a lot of change before presenting. However, with this new feature in place this feature enables more dynamics.

In Conclusion, RoadMaps are very much important for a organizations to show their progress, keep track of all the important deliverable and many other features.

To create RoadMaps, stay tune to next article

Project Online #RoadMaps
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Project Online #RoadMaps